Rainforest Kids Outdoor Play Sessions


Rainforest Kids outdoor play sessions are nature-centred, child-led, play-based sessions for children 4-9 years old. Each session is three hours long, and consists of a nature walk, a bushcraft learning session, and a freeplay session. The bushcraft learning sessions are designed using inquiry-based learning principles. Kids are presented with a problem, which they will solve by themselves to learn the larger concepts behind the problem. Max 12 kids per session.

Session 1 - Using Survival Gear

Time: 28/4/18 Saturday 9am-12pm

Topic: Kids will be given interesting survival gear to guess what they are used for, as well as think of what other uses it can have.

Learn: Use of tools, creative thinking

Session 2 - Packing Survival Gear

Time: 28/4/18 Saturday 2pm-5pm

Topic: Kids will be given bag packs as well as a lot of survival gear to pack into them.

Learn: How to pack a bag

Session 3 - Firestarting

Time: 5/5/18 Saturday 9am-12pm

Topics: Kids will experiment with a variety of different survival firestarters, including flint and magnesium, to light a campfire.

Learn: Use of tools, persistence in the learning of a skill

Session 4 - Building a Fire

Time: 5/5/18 Saturday 2pm-5pm

Topic: Kids will learn to build a campfire to burn steadily without much smoke by adding increasingly larger firewood to the fire after it has been lighted. They will need to forage for dry sticks in the forest, and decide for themselves which sticks are dry enough.

Learn: Size comparisons, brittleness and suppleness

Session 5 - Drinkable Water

Time: 12/5/18 Saturday 9am-12pm

Topic: Kids will be brought to a stream and asked to use their powers of observation and investigate if the water is drinkable.

Learn: Problem solving, observation

Session 6 - Alternate Sources of Water

Time: 12/5/18 Saturday 2pm-5pm

Topic: Kids will be asked to find other sources of water besides the steam.

Learn: Creative thinking

Session 7 - Natural Navigation

Time: 19/5/18 Saturday 9am-12pm

Topic: A trained bushcraft instructor will take the kids into the forest and accompany them as they find their own way back to the road.

Learn: Planning, problem solving

Session 8 - Navigation with Compass and Map

Time: 19/5/18 Saturday 2pm-5pm

Topic: Kids will be given compasses as well as a simple map to find their way to the road.

Learn: Directions (North/South/East/West), what is a map

Additional Sessions (ADD-ON) - Field Cooking

Please note that field cooking sessions are add-on sessions when you have purchased an existing session for the same day.

Time: 28/4/18 Saturday 12pm-2pm

Dish: Campfire Bread on a Stick

Topic: Kids will mix flour and water, knead the bread dough, shape the dough on a stick, and roast it over a campfire.

Time: 5/5/18 Saturday 12pm-2pm

Dish: Egg in Orange

Topic: Kids will cut an orange in half, hollow it out, crack an egg into the orange, and roast it over a campfire.

Time: 12/5/18 Saturday 12pm-2pm

Dish: Sweet Potato

Topic: Kids will wrap sweet potatoes in aluminium foil, and roast them over a campfire.

Time: 19/5/18 Saturday 12pm-2pm

Dish: Chocolate Banana Boat

Topic: Kids will split a banana, stuff chocolate into it, and roast the banana in its skin over a campfire.


For all sessions except field cooking sessions:

$65 for 1 session

$220 for 4 sessions

$360 for 8 sessions

· Sessions can be split between different kids.

· Cost is the same whether adult-accompanied or unaccompanied. Each child can only be accompanied by one adult.

· All sessions must be used within a year.

Field cooking sessions are $15 per person per session.


1. Food and water will not be provided for the sessions, except for field cooking sessions.

2. Adults who accompany the sessions are there as observers. Please follow the lead of the facilitators and do not interact with the kids unless there is someone or something (including the environment) will be hurt.

3. Sessions will require some walking. Please ensure your kid is reasonably fit.

4. The sessions will be held rain or shine. In case of lightning, the sessions will be cancelled.

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Apr 28 - May 19, 2018
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